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Information Look how beautiful the Mount and Blade II

Title :  Look how beautiful the Mount and Blade II
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Date of publication :   2019-10-22
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Warframe [DOI, EN] Many GEOs

Description Look how beautiful the Mount and Blade II

Original Monte, and leaf, and the remake/expansion, Warband, are two of this writers favorite games the history. They are large, spacious, without,, and expanded to can be, without ceasing, over a variety of high-quality mods. One thing that were not in these games, however, is beautiful. You saw with the date when it was released, and today you will help you remember to the beginning of the 00s-game like no other, even though they freed a decade later.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord well, you look a lot better. It is not very large. AAA not Witcher III is nice, but much, much nicer. This is, if it is ever released. Is time, but, after you ask been in development for more than five years, a lot of fans often, when you see the light of day.

New trailers are always nice and the new engine 1.4 trailer bannerlord-system displays-lighting shows the players the opportunity to play one day, to be able to be a Mount and Blade game, to not do so and bleed your eyes.

The new lighting system is rich and dark, the colors blend very well with the new day-night cycle. There are various and soft at the edges, with translucencies in the game go to things like leaves and glass. This causes the interiors look super dark when you look at from the outside, and the look incredibly bright from the inside out. Improved character models, and stones, and everything seems to be just a little better.

This is very encouraging, in Bannerlord, however, is that all of this will be, if not more, moddable as Warband, which means that the really nice banner Lord the experience, for all the fans to imagine, it is only a few months of modding is removed. At least according to the publications of the games. Where it will be. With a bit of luck. At a certain point.

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Warframe [DOI, EN] Many GEOs