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Information Tweet 2K practice, the Black list of reviewers

Title :  Tweet 2K practice, the Black list of reviewers
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Date of publication :   2019-10-15
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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

Description Tweet 2K practice, the Black list of reviewers

On the basis of the test version and the trailer, players and critics alike have great hopes for Duke Nukem Forever had. These hopes have been dashed, with the release of the game, and his inability to achieve a goal-the critical score of 50 (out of 100).

To top it all, the pr company employed by 2K Games to promote the game, The speakers group, wrote on twitter that the editors had "gone too far" with their criticism of DNF is banned forever from the company of the e-mail list.

Went to "many-to-far, your comments," tweets were deleted. "We have to check and get the games the next time and not today's poison... how Bad the reviews are very good. Poison full of comments... that's a whole other."

2K hastened to report, the speaker and the behavior put an end to your contract.

"2K Games does not support or endorse the comments @TheRednerGroup and confirm that you represent our products," an official announcement from 2K bed.

The company global manager of the band, Markus Wilding, released a statement to say that the first. "I would like to point out that 2K Games support, the comments of Jim's speakers, and we can confirm that The speakers in the group no longer represents our products," he says. "We were always a solution, mutually respectful relationship of the work with the press and will not be tolerated his actions in any form."

Unfortunately for 2K and damage limitation attempts, Eurogamer has decided to confirm that they were in public, characterized by 2K games, due to his investigations and he was not a speaker of the errors that you followed and have a standard of 2K Games, practice.

"I'm sorry for @TheRednerGroup to the present day. We are 2KGames are on the black list, @and it is the standard practice seems to be" Eurogamer coo Tom Bramwell twitter.

2K Games has stated that they do not have other comments on the following question Eurogamer of the load.

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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs


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